★ just a cute couple of kids going steady ★ (jerkfacekilla) wrote in love_stories,
★ just a cute couple of kids going steady ★

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that's my boy

so im at my house...waiting for kevin to call...so i can take the train over to his house when he gets home from the bank.im sitting on the couch, and my mom's on the chair and she goes "is that kevin?" so the phone rings right then so i go to pick it up... its kevin. and he's like "what are you up to?" and im like "are you out front of my house?" and he goes, "maybe... if i were would you be dressed and ready?" and i said.. "yes!" and he goes..."well then i am" haha it was the greatest thing. so i came outside, and he was there. it was so sweet. he cracks me up. ::sigh::
kevin i love you sooooo much! thank you that was awesome!
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