The Trouble With Love Is... (darkhappiness) wrote in love_stories,
The Trouble With Love Is...

Hi my name is Ashley. Ive been with my boyfriend Theo for one year and about two weeks i think. Around year. We are celebrating our anniversary by going to the bruins dec 6th kuz we are both obsessed with hockey. He is 18 and I will be 16 shortly. Our song is "Amazed" by Lonestar..he sung it to me at the senior prom. Everything about him makes me happy..what else can I say. Theo is everything to me..we love each other and thats what makes us so strong.

How did we meet? Well my best friend Steve took me cosmic bowling one night where i met "the gang" there and Theo happened to be there. Me and Theo chatted a little bit and then we hung out the next day as well where we talked more. When we were in school we chatted more and then one night we finally hung out again. That was when he made the first move by putting his arm around me. Thats when I knew I like him..and the next day he asked me out. And we have been together ever since. Our first kiss was at the exact same spot in that bowling alley..and we also said "I love you" for the first time at that spot. So that spot in the bowling alley has alot of memories.

I cant really say why I love him..kuz I will be here forever typing and you will sit here for the next 5years reading the first paragraph alone. I cant point out specific things..hes just Theo and that is what makes me love him even more. And hes greek too..his full name is the sweetest..(and the longest) lol.

Its nice to find a community where I can talk about my boyfriend and not get yelled at for talking about him too much. Hope you guys like me...
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