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Hey! I just wanna say before I post the little form you want me to, that this community is the first community (I have seen) about couples where you can just join. Others you have to be "good enough" in order to join. You guys rock!

1. Your names: Mandee and Brian
2. How old you both are: I'm 16 and Brian is 15
3. How long you've been together: 5 months
4. Your song (if you have one): "Only One" by Yellowcard
5. How you met eachother: We had seen each other around school a few times because we have some of the same friends. And we both have classes in the music department. We properly met over the summer. We both worked at a day camp for younger kids. He was a CIT, and I was a counclor. As a joke the counclor I worked with got "married" to another counclor. So I wanted to get "married". So I asked Brian. And soon after that we started dating.
6. First impression: I thought he was a very cute, caring, and funny person.
7. Why you love them: He is the most amazing person I have ever met. He understands me better then anyone. And he cares about me more than anyone else has ever cared about me. He actually likes me for who I am. (And we're planning on getting married.)
8. Pictures* I'm sorry if the yare too big. I tried to downsize them, but I'm not very good at it.

9. Anything else we should know that makes them great.
He is the most thought person I have ever met as well. He got me a bear for Christmas. But not any bear. He went to Build-A-Bear and MADE me a little punk rocker bear.
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December 13 2005, 01:44:33 UTC 12 years ago

mandee and brian? more like chunky and pizza face


January 9 2006, 07:18:24 UTC 12 years ago

wow that was incredibly rude-- you should be ashamed